Weihnachten ist für alle da 


01 THE ProjeCt

How will Christmas 2020 be like? Can we even celebrate as family Christmas together? Or will Christmas Eve be canceled this year, like many other things that have been canceled due to the global pandemic.


These are the questions that preoccupied us as creative professionals, like many other people. We thought further and asked ourselves another question:

How can the good news of the Christmas story, especially in 2020, be sustainably passed on to many people?


Our contribution to this is the clip “Christmas is for all". The Clip tells the Christmas story in a new and lively way and finds parallels to current world events.


The more than 40 actors give the "old story" a new face.

The original idea was developed, expanded and finally born through hundreds of hours of volunteering.


The result is our Christmas present for you!

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02 Download

We would love to see the clip “Christmas is for all”  on thousends of  smartphones, living rooms, churches and public places. That's why we put the clip here for you,


in the best quality, freely available.


Do you still know people who should definitely see the clip? Then simply share this homepage or the YouTube clip “Christmas is for everyone” with your friends.


Let us know where and with whom you watched the clip and tell us to what extent you were able to relive the Christmas story.


Share your story

with us by using the hashtag on social media



or write us an email with your story


Did you know that the clip is also available in German?

You can find it here


In the beginning there was an idea ... in the end there was a clip.

It was a long way from idea to implementation. We started in August. A brainstorming session was held and the first ideas were concretized. Then everything was revised, checked and optimized.

We had a script, a dream ... and no budget.


Then people came across people who also believed in the dream and we made it a reality.

And then we had everything we needed. And then it started:

Booked a studio

Built the technology

40 actors engaged

to compose music

Set texts

One clip contains 4 terabytes of data

Creating a homepage


And communicate a lot



Not quite yet.

Then everything in English again.


We dreamed big and realized the clip through hundreds of volunteer hours.

Become part of the team that makes things possible and support the project with your finances

We already say thank you and look forward to what God is up to with the clip.

You are welcome to decide how much you want to give.

Submit your contribution via PayPal

Transfer your Amount

Bank: Kreissparkasse Westerwald Sieg

Iban:   DE 36 5735 1030 0102 1264 63



Clip Christmas is for all

03 Give

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04 Impressions

If you want to get a glimpse of where the clip is already playing, check out the Christmas hashtags.


Have fun browsing and posting your own stories.

Here is a small selection

„Entweder ein Kunstwerk sein, oder eines tragen.“ Zitat Oscar Wilde (Lyriker, Dramatiker, Bühnenautor)


Ein großer Dank gilt allen Mitwirkenden, die dieses Projekt erst möglich gemacht haben!

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05 Team


„Entweder ein Kunstwerk sein, oder eines tragen.“ Zitat Oscar Wilde (Lyriker, Dramatiker, Bühnenautor)


Ein großer Dank gilt allen Mitwirkenden, die dieses Projekt erst möglich gemacht haben!